wisdom tooth surgery

Wisdom Tooth Surgery Explained

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Facing Eviction Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars located in the back of your mouth. Some of us will experience the eruption of one—or all four—at one point, but others will go their entire lives without sprouting any of these hidden molars. For those whose wisdom teeth do grow […]

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brushing yellow teeth

Tips to Prevent Yellow Teeth

Help Keep Your Smile’s Glow from Fading Everyone wants to sport a healthy, glowing smile. However, certain factors, such as the foods and drinks you consume and the overall quality of your dental hygiene, play a huge role in tooth discoloration. While a yellow smile is a common and natural occurrence, there are ways to […]

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Universal language of a smile

The Universal Language of A Smile

How Fluent Are You? In a world home to hundreds of different languages—some easily identifiable while others remain tucked away into remote crevices of faraway countries—the flash of a smile is enough to bridge the gap between even the most uncommon communities. A simple phrase like ‘thank you’, for instance, can be translated into over […]

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